THIS IS A PAGE WHERE WE JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU, AND REALLY GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR COMING TO OUR SHOWS. I do understand there are so many people whos names are not listed, so if I dont get your name at a show, please let me know at, cause it means a great deal to us to just say THANKS.

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Kris Jones, Cheryl Taber, Jodi Green, Monique Rivera, Cedric (thanks for all the cool film), Phillip Shapiro, Gina B., Alfred & Melissa, Charles (Clint) Taber, Jennifer Faye, Paul McCarty (the man on flyers), Kurt Muller, Eric Sextoll & Jeff (from Antrodimus), Sarae Walker, Sarah Heinsma, Mindy Gayle, Mimi (other half of Nedd), Subotic, Aleksic, Rick Thomas, Nic Lacroix & Josset, Josef Csongie, Michael Erwin, Crystal Cooper, Brent, Bob and Mary Manic, Zoran & Nada, Ralph Bennett, Joe & Wendy Vasquez, Nil McKnight, Joe (from Ozzy) & Elaine Holmes, Jennifer Holmes, Bobby & Jen Brunner, Jon Lee, Kenny Burrell Jr., Tim Colvin, Mark Washington, Lisa, Leona Christen, Joe Richardson, Danny & Deborah Keyes, Doraine, Kathy, Tim, Larayne, Jay (from Night 'n Gayles), Lisa Hicks, Andrew Garcia, Karla Rodrigueze, Audrey Anzures, Paula Dobbins, Steam Strong, Brian Doran, Silvia, Monique, Dave Hester, Steve, Juliette Armstrong, Mr. & Mrs. Sash, Oscar Esteban Agodjian, Hank Gayle, Jason Daley, Amy Keller, Jimmie Morgan, Katrina Morgan, Tom Walker, Jon (Quazi) Saddler, Anne Cavanaugh, Gary Gage, Cynthia Razo, Joanna & Javier & Daniel Velarde, Samantha Stone, Christopher Issac, Rachel Benton, Milan Milatovic, Adrian Allan, Sam Chalmian, Stet Howland (from Wasp), John, Desiree, Kim Nethercutt, Jeff Ganske, Jason Story, Dylan Story, Lia Ferrero, Katie Love Joy, Debbie Williams, Cindy Harris, Tom Straten, Tim, Karl Stedgeway, Barbara Wilson, Katie, Liz Serelbeth, John Hapfield, Joe Starke, Sandra , Cathy Smith, Charles Smith, Beth Craston, Stacy Williams, Mary Halland, Rose Grent, John Grent, Bill Summers, Harry Lorenton, Jose Rodregez, Cindy Harris, Martha Harris, Samantha Wilson, Ben Howard, Cathy Ripples, Ronald Benton, Mary Benton , Stu Jones, Barbera Stockton , Michael Gaylord, Mark Steinman, Tommy Ortega, David Robinson, Matt Millner, Mike Shultz, Joe McDonald, Kenneth Marquez, Wayne Martinez, Tiffany Weider, Sherri Richter, Rose & Richard Pollick, Scott & Shannon Hensley, Michelle & Bill Troxler, Naoe Ichikawa, Dan Smith, Jimmie Lee, Hussen Abdulahi, Carol & Stacey, Anthony, Dena Taber, Charles Taber, Jeff Hurley, Jim Whorton, Kelly Whorton, Amy Oster, Frank Valenzuela, Angelica Navarro, Jose Valezuela, Stacy Dewer, Theresa Jimenez, Jan Hines, Frank Break, Sean, Edward S., Augustine, Pontinillo, Steve Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Julio Constanza, Gilberto Lopez (or Gipeto the Puppet Maker), Mohammed Atmar, Dave Ross, Jered Dejulio, Matt Khalek, Matt Brady, Sylvia Murray, Erik Poris, Hung Huyne, Lan Truong, Thien Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, Ricardo Gonzalez, Doug Martin, Phoung Martin, Marco Perez, Elvis Guardado, Paul Pak, Ralf Laborde, Juan Caneles, Sam Khalek, James, Mark, Veronica Morales, Ida Vega, Aurora Hernandez, Julius Pacis, Freddy Vega, Wilson Joseph, Carlos Lopez, Tana Greer, Carlos Chavira, Scott Mcrae, David Robinson, Brett Wiebke, Rose, Berger, Jill Sterndorf, Jen Sterndorf, Jason Burke, Ken Koppelman, Keith Koppelman, Duane Paxton, Mark Englewood, Eileen Nicodimus, Llyod Nicodimus, Mark Steinman, Tiffany Weider, Dale (dirt) Miskel, Sherri Richter, Darryl Baker, Melissa Hensley, Wayne Martinez, Heather Tobias, Tommy Ortega, Brian Willis, Teresa Cane, Sean Thompson, Frank Consaglio, Jason (Demon Dawg) Webster, Robert Hardin, Greta Schwegel, Joe Langford, Chris RKD & Anna, Jae Park, AND TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO'S NAMES WE NEVER GOT

  • GOTHIC ROSE: For all your help with the banner advertisment at
  • KRIS JONES: for help with all the demo cd's
  • JIMMIE MORGAN: for vocal addition and duplication of demo cd's
  • MARK O'NEILL: for your interest and air play on 3way fm in warrnambool, austraila
  • CHUCK (Clint) TABER: for pictures at shows
  • CEDRIC: for all the great video
  • PAUL MCCARTY: for all the great flyers
  • MARK MELGARES: for promoting the band out of your own free time
  • MATT ANGULO for your site and web site tips
  • JAKE LINDERMAN & MATT ANGULO: for all your time spent promoting ANgER MgT.
  • CARRIE STEARNS & GREG KEHR: for being so cool spreading the news about ANgER MgT. Metal could use a lot more people like you
  • SCOTT MCREA from the band TALK RADIO: for filling in on drums for us in Denver Colorado
  • To all the Great hard rock and metal sites listing ANgER MgT. (to many to list here ,you can find them on the links page of this site.)
  • Thanks to all our familys and friends for your love and support
  • MATT ANGULO for building the new ANgER MgT. site