From THE SHRED ZONE (8/2002)

Anger MGT are for sure one of the most pissed off sounding bands I've heard in a long time. Their music is real intense and aggressive. These guys hail from Denver, Colorado USA, so if your in that area drop by their website and keep your eyes peeled for shows in that area. Anger MGT have a real heavy sound, and at some times their riffs remind me of Slayer, then at times a tad like Black Sabbath. "Lies", track one is real hard hitting number with a killer main riff. Be prepared for the sure metal onslaught of this song, it will tear you to pieces. "Lies" is very dark sounding in its own right. Jackie Green's guitar playing is defiantly the driving force in this song. Nedd Jovonovic's vocals are very low and aggressive. His voice sounds like a demon from hell that's for sure. The main lead line is a short one, but drives it's point hard. This track also has that old school Slayer feel to it, so I know you'll be head banging for hours to this one. Song two "Fear or Fate" is another heavy rocker that has a mega groove to it. Brad Jones bass playing really stands out in this one, his style is a definite plus to the band. He doesn't just follow the guitars. His thundering bass lines help move the song along nicely. The lyrics are really cool as well, Nedd's vocals are super aggressive in this one so be ready to have the crap scared out of you! Lastly, song three "Foreign Tongue" is a hard hitter that opens with a massive sounding guitar line from the deepest pits Heavy Metal hell. Then Nedd comes in with his signature vocal styling. This song is a medium paced number and carries very well. Jackie Green's guitar playing really stood out and commanded my attention, I really like the verse and chorus riffs, they fit the songs vibe so well. Anger MGT are keeping the flag of metal flying in the almost non-existing metal scene in La. They have a solid sound and drive the riffs home. I'd like to see what else these guys have to offer as far as a full length album. So drop by and pick up your FREE copy of their self titled demo today! Contact them via email at