Anger Mgt - Anger Mgt (Independent)

A three song, self-titled CD by the band Anger Mgt takes a traditional early metal style to their music; similar to a more simple version of Slayer. At the beginning of the band they searched a few months for a lead singer and landed no other then William Cross the former lead singer of Possessed. Shortly after the band played their first show, William Cross tragically died. A few other changes the band has lead to the lineup that they currently have today, with only Jackie Green as the only original member left. Anger Mgt roots might be strong but the way they play it doesn't seem as interesting as other bands in the same genre. The production could have been increased a little, and the levels need to be more balanced. Besides that the vocalist could become more ferocious because the style almost demands it, and ten minutes for three songs isn't bad, but maybe if they can stretch into the four minute mark, so you can get into a song easier.

Rating: 57