Born and raised dirty south down in New Orleans is where I fell in love with an art called “Metal” and all of its killer sub-genres. My roots are in the entertainment business from venues like boxing, radio announcer, and musician; my family has strived for perfection. Throughout life trials and struggles I managed to hold my vision in focus to continue to my destiny, on my path I provided vocals for many bands including “Man-o-Sorrows”, “Wikit”, and “Embryo” just to name a few. I have also unconfined my rage within to indulge in MMA combat as I was an undercard at the “Beau Rivage Casino Resort” in Biloxi, MS. Many names I have worn over the sands of time all refining me for the future “Anger Management.

Equipment: AKG C-12 VR Tube Microphone-vintage=9 polar patterns

Quote: “You can’t remember I won’t let you forget!”

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