ANgER MgT. was founded in 1998 by remaining members of the band D-Day. The search for a lead singer took several months, but they decided on William Cross (R.I.P.). Unfortunately, soon after the bands first show, William Cross passed away. The only remaining original band member was guitarist Jackie Green, who put together various combinations of the band before deciding on bassist Brad Jones from the band "Mosaic Soul", and drummer Duayne Howard from the band "World Affairs". In the summer of 1999, the band was recruited by Brent Pettersson of the band "Narcotic Gypsy" (Ozzfest 1996), but after a few months of preparing for an industry showcase and a show in Los Angeles, CA. the band found lead vocalist Nedd Jovonovic from Sydney, Australia. After numerous shows throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, CA., original drummer Duayne Howard left the band. They later added drummer Lee Cook hailing from Denver, Colorado in October of 2001, then drummer Anthony Crescente Paul in June of 2003. After numerous shows, the band had 1 CD that was distributed worldwide. Vocalist Nedd Jovonovic left the band to go back to Australia, then the band went with vocalist Harry Gaylord from Denver for four years. After Harry, Mike Guarino steps in as the band's new vocalist.

Jackie Green: Guitars
Mike Guarino: Lead Vocals
Brad Jones: Bass Guitar
Sam Sherwood: Drums